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                 Fixing the environment.

Acid SolutionsPty Ltd is a company dedicated to restoring the pH balance to soil and water.

These include -

Acid Mine Drainage


Acid Mine Drainage is principally where drainage is caused by or flows from mining operations.  This has resulted in high levels of acidity and contains dissolved minerals and metals that add to the environmental harm caused by their discharge.


Acid Mine Drainage is typically formed through a complex chemical reaction process.  Essentially, Acid Mine Drainage is when water comes in contact with iron sulfide minerals (pyrites) throughout mining operations. 

Acid Sulfate Soils


Acid Sulphate Soils are naturally occurring soils that contain iron sulfides (pyrites). 


Potential Acid Sulphate Soils (PASS) are benign in their undisturbed anaerobic state.


Actual Acid Sulphate Soils (AASS) contain oxidized iron sulfides producing sulfuric acid, which in large doses brought about by drainage and environmental changes can cause possible damage to the marine and plant life.


Noticeably Acid Sulphate Soils are associated within the area 5metres AHD and around coastlines where mangrove swamps,  estuaries and tidal deltas exist.  Typically  low pH 1.5 - 3.5 are known to occur.


Active Treatment of Acid Sulphate Soils is the artificial means of treating -


  1. acidic discharge as a result of disturbed and oxidised sulfidic bearing marine muds typical of coastal regions.

  2. soils or spoils with a dry lime spreader or calibrated lime slurry.




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Solutions may consist of any of the following -


  1.   Active Lime Dosing using the CRAB.

    CRAB - Calibrated Reagent Applicating Blender

Pre-Treatment    During treatment of the same site

Treating acidic water with the CRAB pre-treatment and during treatment.


  1.   Water manipulation.

    Flood Gate Manipulation

    A Calibrated Flood Gate Valve using natural carbonate in sea water to neutralize acidity and boost water quality for juvenile fish habitats and drain environment whilst protecting low lying land from flooding.


  2.   Passive Lime Dosing.

  3.   Ponding & sumping techniques.




     Treating acidic water with the CRAB.

  1.   Lime Barriers.
  2.   Treatment with Alkaline Reagents.
  3.   Land Management techniques - filling drains, laser leveling, re-flooding.


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