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Practical Ways to Deal with Soluble Metal Loads Associated with Low pH.



Acid Sulfate Soil Treatment

Active Acid Sulphate Soil treatment is treating the acidic discharge as a result of disturbed acid sulfate soils.

The CRAB treating an acidic drain with a 25metre diameter sprinkler spread.



Salt water rationing via Flood Gate manipulation

In tidally effected areas the production of sulphuric acid from surrounding landforms can be neutralized using the carbonate in salt water.

Calibrated Flood Gate Valve allows for calibrated amounts of sea water in and out of drains and river systems.


Artificial sumping and treatment of water

            Artificial Sumping is a way in which acidic water with high metal loads can be artificially treated by active dosing with alkaline     reagents and dropping out or 'flocking' undesirable material such as aluminium and iron as hydroxides into a contained sump for eventual 'capping'.

The following pictures show pre and post treatment sites using the CRAB. 

Please click on the thumbnail picture to load a larger size.

Pre-Treatment     During treatment using boat and floating sprinklers.

Pre-treatment    post treatment    After post treatment - note the small black tadpoles.


Mechanical land management techniques on Acid Sulphate Soils

A new idea for acid discharge is to treat the water whilst in the soil profile.


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