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CRAB - Calibrated Reagent Applicating Blender


The CRAB is a technically advanced active dosing system meeting strict calibration requirements and should be treated as a scientific instrument.

Specifications & Dimensions


A CRAB can be made to suit your requirements.


The CRAB can be designed for un manned operation.


A standard machine dimension  are 2.35 metres high x 1.25 metres wide x 3.05 metres long                   


weight (empty) = 1250kg


Complete Stainless Steel Construction


Specialist machines to suit site applications.


Dustless Hopper Filling System

bulletThe CRAB has a dustless hopper filling system that allows extremely alkaline reagents such as calcium hydroxide & calcium oxide to be 'loaded' with out skin contact.  A remote bag opener is activated to release the contents of the bag.


The lid of the hopper may be removed for the use of 'bulk bags' of reagents.


The C.R.A.B. can efficiently use hydrated lime - where previously it wasn't a viable option due to the extreme alkalinity and the possibility of over correction of pH.


  1 tonne bag cutter shown.


And normal 25kg Bag Cutter which sits on top of the CRAB. A bag of chemical fits straight in, the lid is closed and the contents empty directly into the hopper ready for calibrating before dispersing via the chosen output method.


Calibrated Flow


In order to ensure absolute accuracy with calibration of reagent,  a number of influencing factors must be known -

  1. Belt speed.

  2. Auger speed.

  3. Water flow through the machine

  4. Laboratory results.


All of the above lead to a Mixture Ratio.


Liquid Reagent Introduction System


The use of liquid reagents such as sodium hydroxide require extreme caution and exact calibration.  This issue has been effectively addressed by fitting a second container that houses the reagent.  The reagent is then introduced at necessary intervals via the calibrated taps and injected into the impeller housing ensuring complete mixing. 


The Liquid Reagent Introduction System can be manufactured to relate to job size.

Fail Safe Shut Down


The CRAB is designed to shut down via the low oil pressure system essentially shutting down the generator leading to shutting down all systems. 


The Fail Safe System contained include -

  1. Earth leakage on electrical system.

  2. Low water level - sump.

  3. Variator over speed.

  4. Extreme alkalinity probe.


Types of Applicators


The CRAB can encompass such activities as -

  1. High volume treatment.

  2. Remote drain spraying.                                     Quad bike with remote sprayer. 

                              25metre Sprinkler Spread

  1. Remote hose spraying. Semi submersible boom spray.

  2. Dams - rivers - drains - roads - rock faces.  Treatment using boat and sprinklersFloat attachments for use in large water areas.

  3. Mass circulation of water bodies.

  4. Artificial Sumping



Transport Options

The CRAB is designed to be fitted to any number of transport systems to access all sites including -


three point linkage for tractor use,


trailer or truck,


barge or boat.



Government and Agri-business have become aware of decreasing water quality on coastal strips below 5 metres AHD.

The problem on the coastal strips has been identified by acid run off due to oxidation of acid sulphate soils.



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