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Acid Mine Drainage
Acid Sulphate Soils
CRAB Specifications
CRAB Control Panel
Calibrated FGV
ASS Treatment
Artificial Sumping
Flood Gate Manipulation
Coastal Regions
Reagents & Chemicals






             Acid Mine Drainage

             Acid Sulfate Soils

             Solutions for ARD and ASS


Acid Mine Drainage or Acid Rock Drainage

           Actively treating Acid Rock/Mine Drainage

            What is ARD?

            How is Acid Mine Drainage formed?

            The Effects of AMD or ARD



Acid Sulfate Soils

           Actively treating the Acid Sulfate Soil problem

            Acid Sulfate Soils, What are they?

            Potential Acid Sulfate Soils (PASS)

            Active Acid Sulfate Soils (AASS)

            Acid Sulfate Soils - Development & Construction

            Sulfuric Acid and other chemicals

            Sulfuric Acid and the Environment



            Key Benefits


            Chemicals & reagents used

            Calibrated Flow

            Liquid reagent Introduction System

            Fail Safe Shut Down

bullet CRAB Specifications

            Specifications and dimensions

            Dustless filling Hopper System

            Calibrated Flow

            Liquid reagent Introduction System

            Fail Safe Shut Down

            Types of Applicators

            Transport Options

bullet CRAB Control Panel


bulletCalibrated Flood Gate Valve

           Key Benefits

bullet ASS Treatment   

           Practical Ways to Deal with soluble Metal Loads Associated with Low pH.

          Acid Sulfate Soil Treatment

           Salt Water Rationing via Floodgate Valve manipulation

           Artificial Sumping and treatment of water

           Mechanical land techniques on Acid Sulfate Soils

bullet Artificial Sumping

           Active Lime Dosing

            Key Benefits


bullet Flood Gate Manipulation

           Acid Sulfate Soils

           Salt Water Rationing via Floodgate Valve manipulation

           Key Benefits




bulletCoastal Regions    


bulletEnvironment and ASS

           Photo Gallery of Acid Sulfate oxidation

           Acid Sulfate Soils Terminology

bullet Reagents and Chemicals

           Chemicals, reagents and by-product impurities

bullet Aquaculture

           Blending micro-nutrients           

bullet Hydroponics and Nurseries





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