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Calibrated Flood Gate Valves



                                                               Note - existing floodgates.      

Calibrated Flood Gate Valves - are easily fitted by 2 people.           Fitting debris guard on the Calibrated Floodgate Valves.   


The Calibrated Flood Gate Valves has been designed to allow for accurate flow of tidal 'head water' in and out of specified tidally sensitive drainage areas.

Key Benefits


Adjustment of required water flow is controlled by variable adjusting head water influenced flotation device which can be influenced from either side, both sides or a combination of both sides of the flood gate.


Therefore giving definite control of 'head water' or depth in drainage system or as management requires.


The valve is designed for simple un-manned operation and has been designed to bolt on the existing flood gates.


The design is unique in that it can be adapted to fit most existing flood gates without compromising the existing structural integrity of the flood gate.


The fitting of unique compact debris guards minimize the risk of debris contamination, minimize the risk of mechanical failure and without compromising fish passage.


The flood gate valve has been designed to minimize the risk of tidal flooding in low lying commercially sensitive areas.




Calibrated Flood Gate Valves complete with debris guard showing maintenance cover.     The operational Calibrated Flood Gate Valve.



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